Meet our Members


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Bevan VAT Consultancy Limted

Contact Name: Hilary Bevan
Tel No: 07427 667447 Website: http://www.bevanvat.com

The Social Media Consultancy Limited

Contact Name: Jayson Gurney
Tel No: 01325 480058 Website: https://www.thesocialmediaconsultancyltd.co.uk

AAA Caring Caretaker Ltd

Contact Name: Richard Tucker MBE BEM
Tel No: 01325 311116 Website: https://aaacaringcaretaker.wordpress.com/

Blackwell Grange Hotel

Contact Name: Kimberley Carruthers
Tel No: 01325 509 906 Website: https://www.blackwellgrangehotel.com/

Crust Today

Contact Name: Stuart Davies
Tel No: 07377 501808 Website: https://crust.today

Impara Global Ltd

Contact Name: Dave Pummer
Tel No: 07921 777455 Website: https://dave-plummer.com

Mind Power Results DTV Coaching and Training

Contact Name: Robin Raine
Tel No: 07854 013008 Website: https://www.mindpowerresults.com

Patrick Lonergan Recruitment Ltd

Contact Name: Patrick Lonergan
Tel No: 07521 477019 Website: http://www.patricklonerganrecruitment.com

Smampy’s Corner

Contact Name: Donna Roberts
Tel No: 07757 055850 Website: https://www.smampyscorner.co.uk

Teesside International Airport

Contact Name: Phil Forster
Tel No: 07776 465568 Website: https://www.teessideinternational.com/

Member of Parliament for Darlington // Honorary Member

Contact Name: Peter Gibson
Tel No: 01325 711711 Website: https://www.petergibson.org/

North of England Reserve Forces and Cadets Association // Honorary Member

Contact Name: Brigadier P J A Baker MBE
Tel No: 0191 383 6252 Website: https://www.rfca-ne.org.uk/

The Mayor of Darlington // Honorary Member

Contact Name: Councillor Anne-Marie Curry
Tel No: 01325 406309 Website: https://www.darlington.gov.uk/your-council/democracy/mayoral-and-civic/

1600 Systems Ltd

Contact Name: Michael Janes
Tel No: 07811 265305 Website: https://www.1600systems.co.uk/

A4AO Ltd

Contact Name: Annemarie Fitzsimons-Keogh
Tel No: 07484 332884 Website: https://a4ao.com/

Acorn Dairy

Contact Name: Caroline Bell
Tel No: 01325 466999 Website: http://www.acorndairy.co.uk

Auckland Youth and Community Centre

Contact Name: John Wiseman
Tel No: 01388 604575 Website: https://www.aucklandyouthcommunitycentre.co.uk/

BaBa Productions

Contact Name: Robert Barratt
Tel No: 01609 774221 Website: https://www.babaproductions.co.uk/