Event Booking & Cancellation Policy


As a not for profit business and for numbers for administration, buffet numbers and venue size – we need to ensure that all bookings for face-to-face events are closely monitored. Also please be aware that the Club is run purely by volunteers only.


You are welcome to cancel your booking if you can no longer attend, all we ask is that you try to give us at least 24 hours’ notice – this is to enable attendee numbers and food bookings to be confirmed with the venue. Bookings should be cancelled via email to info@darlingtonbusinessclub.co.uk. As we pay for the food and beverages at the meetings you will be invoiced a charge of £15 for non-attendance if cancellation is not received before the event. (We appreciate there are exceptional circumstances and these will be taken into account). 

For non-members booking and not attending without cancelling the booking, this will count as your first (free) visit and you will be asked to pay to book a second visit or to join as a member.

We reserve the right to cancel any booking that has been made under the wrong category – as below: 

  • Bookings made as a first-time visitor where our records show you have attended before – you will be notified and will be welcome to rebook as a subsequent visitor at the charge relevant on the booking.
  • Also, non-members booking as a member, again these will be cancelled and you will be notified and eligible to rebook under the correct heading.

The above also applies to our virtual online networking bookings, there will be no charge for non-attendance but bookings will be checked for correct categories as above. We would appreciate it if you could let us know if you can no longer attend or are going to be joining after the start time – that way the start of the meeting is not delayed while waiting on people joining.