frequently asked questions



We've visited once, can we attend again without joining?
You are welcome to attend again but there is a fee of £5 (virtual events) or £15.00 (face to face events) to cover our costs.
How do we get notified of up & coming events
Make sure we have your up to date email address as all members are sent details of upcoming events with a link to click and register as an attendee.

All events are also publicised on our website and via social media on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

I'm new to networking - can I still attend?

There is no pressure on anyone to do anything they are not comfortable with such as standing up and speaking to a room full of people. Once physical meetings are underway again we will have experienced members available to help newer members find their feet.

Whilst we are meeting virtually if you’d like to meet some members online in a smaller group before attending an official event, let us know and this can be arranged. We aim to create a relaxed, friendly, and welcoming environment where you feel like part of the family in no time.

What do I need to bring with me when attending an event?
Just yourself!

You might want to bring business cards to share with people you meet, or a mobile phone to enable you to share contact details but the only thing we are interested in seeing is your smiling face.


Do you have different levels of membership?
Yes, we have three membership levels. Learn more about our membership levels.
Can I upgrade my membership?

Just speak to one of the Club Directors, who will help you to upgrade and ensure you get the most f

Can I suspend my membership?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to suspend membership.
I have multiple businesses, do I need multiple memberships?
If you have multiple businesses, but only you attend, we recommend you join as a Standard member for your primary business then as a virtual for the subsequent businesses, as this will allow you to list them in the Members’ Directory and publish news, updates and events on the Clubs website.