Guest Speaker Details

  • Speaker: Bill Corcoran
  • Business: HRC Group
  • Date of Presentation: 12 January 2022

Bill Corcoran has worked in personal finance for 32 years. During that time the changes to the economy, technology and communication have transformed the way we all do business, save up, retire, buy and sell things and, most importantly, protect ourselves and our families.

However, it hasn’t made life easier or less stressful. The aims of security and control are for many, more difficult than ever to reach and the complexities of life are not made easier to navigate by the multiplicity of choice.

Bill’s job, like all other financial professionals, is to make people richer, happier and better protected. There is invariably something you can do to accomplish this, to aim for an achievable goal and prepare yourselves for a better future.

Some knowledge of how to start this process is the aim of this talk.