Modern business relies more and more on analytics for understanding and predicting customer behaviour, monitoring and optimising its processes, and managing and supporting its suppliers.

We’re offering businesses the opportunity to benefit from Durham University’s MSc Business Analytics Projects, which run from June to September 2024. By collaborating with us, your organisation will have access to cutting-edge research, data analysis tools and techniques, and a dedicated MSc Business Analytics student to analyse a piece of data at an advanced level, conducting an in-depth investigation into a particular business issue, providing you with valuable business insights in the form of an executive report.

Our process is very much a collaboration to ensure all parties benefit. As a host company, we ask you to:

    Define the specification of the project (the scope). Provide a sufficient dataset for our students to conduct research on.
  • Nominate the main contact responsible for sponsoring the project.

We understand that projects may touch on confidential information, so we work with complete integrity, discretion, and professionalism, underpinned by a non-disclosure agreement provided by the University.

I’ve attached a detailed Project Scope Requirements requirement for your reference.

If you are interested, please fill out our survey.

For more information or to discuss further how a business project can benefit your company, please contact Jen Zhen at