HOLIDAY Inn Darlington A1 Scotch Corner today unveils its latest hotel refurbishment, with a contemporary new media lounge and Open Lobby concept, designed to be a modern destination for the local Darlington community.

The Holiday Inn at Scotch Corner, located on the A1 Scotch Corner Junction, aims to revolutionise the way guests and the public use the venue, especially amongst the area’s businesses and professionals, now providing the perfect space for grabbing a coffee, working remotely, or collaborating with others.

The new media lounge houses multiple meeting areas, as well as two semi-private, state-of-the-art media pods from which local businesses can meet, work and present in a quiet and comfortable space. Each pod seats up to five guests, and includes TV screens for projection, free Wi-Fi, complimentary parking, all-day tea and coffee, access to a printer, and lunch –available on a half-day rental package for just £24.95 per person.

The Holiday Inn at Scotch Corner also offers EV charging stations that are accessible to all visitors from the local community.

The new Open Lobby features a large and spacious design taking direct inspiration from the region, with the hotel showcasing artwork and paraphernalia from local artists and all elements of the space being inspired by North Yorkshire. The bright and airy lobby features ample seating and a ‘To Go’ Café with its own Starbucks coffee shop, offering a wide selection of drinks, cakes, sandwiches and snacks for guests.

New Media Lounge and Open Lobby Destination Unveiled by Holiday Inn Darlington A1 Scotch Corner | Darlington Business Club

Speaking about the new Open Lobby, Tim Snowdon, general manager at Holiday Inn Darlington A1 Scotch Corner commented: “The Open Lobby concept is unique to the Holiday Inn brand and we are very proud to be unveiling our new refurbished space to the Darlington community. We are particularly excited about the launch of our new media lounge and pods as this is something brand-new and will bring added value to not only the hotel but the local area as professionals continue to get back out and work collaboratively post-pandemic.

“However, it’s not all about business, as the Open Lobby including our ‘To Go’ Café is open to anyone from the public who would like to come and pay us a visit – we can’t wait to welcome everyone through our doors.”

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