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Stuart Davies, CRUST

Stuart served eleven years as a vehicle mechanic followed by a further eleven as a helicopter pilot in the British Army, he left in 2007.

He was involved in the first attempt to fly a gyroplane around the world in 2004. 

He is an ideas man, always thinking up new ways of doing things, which has led him down the route of his chat tonight.

Married with four grandchildren and he’s only 52, he loves what he does and meeting people.

Rugby has become a sport he enjoys watching, no chance of playing it though. He’s looking for passio…. sorry wrong profile!


The Journey of CRUST

A whistle-stop ten-minute overview of taking an idea for an app through the different stages, and getting it ready for investment.

Guest Speaker Details

  • Speaker: Stuart Davies
  • Business: CRUST
  • Date of Presentation: 1 May 2019
CRUST | Darlington Business Club Guest Speaker

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