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Software innovator Excelpoint is the power behind the new Xcel Centre CRM and Facilities Resource Booking system

Excelpoint’s Managing Director Ian Brown and Xcel Centre Business and Finance Director Kerina Clark | Darlington Business Club

Aycliffe Business Park resident Excelpoint has been working with Xcel Centre to transform their business processes by the use of software, developing powerful CRM and Facilities Resource Booking systems.


The Xcel Centre hosts some of the region’s leading events, from gala dinners for 500 guests, to launch presentations for 1,800 attendees.  The purpose-built facility and a customer-focused management team have established the Centre as a venue of choice for the North East.


To support the Centre’s ambitious growth plans and expansion into other revenue streams a software system was required, bespoke to their areas of expertise, but capable of adapting, which would enable them to offer a first-class service to their customers and support them in attracting new customers.


Utilising a team of highly skilled software consultants, Excelpoint spent time to get to know the Centres business processes enabling them to build a new software architecture that would deliver a flexible CRM and resource booking system to meet the needs of the Centre. 


The new software integrated the business processes and negated the need for significant retraining. It provided the Centre with an easy to use solution to assist in enforcing compliance with best practice and approved processes.  It also transformed the way information was collated, integrated, used and reported. 


The greatest advantage of the software was that it was built entirely to meet the requirements of the Xcel Centre.  The software has streamlined the administrative process and provided the management team with real-time visibility through a dashboard consisting of graphs, charts and transactions.


This approach allows the management team to maximise the use of the Centre and its facilities, achieving increased operational efficiency and cost-savings across the Centre.  Bookings have increased, providing a solid return on investment and as a result of information visibility, the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the Centre’s resources has dramatically improved. 


Kerina Clark Business and Finance Director at Xcel Centre said: “We understood as a management team that our processes were inhibiting growth and producing inefficiencies across the Centre. We engaged with Excelpoint to help us to understand what we required. They got to know our business, mapping out our internal processes enabling them to configure their software to exactly meet the needs of our business.  We now have CRM and booking software implemented that enable us to offer our customers an efficient and first-class service.  We have realised significant cost-savings as we are working more efficiently, and it has enabled us to increase our productivity and bookings across our various services.


The flexibility and scalability of the software will enable it to grow with us as we continue to offer the region an excellent hospitality facility.”


Ian Brown Managing Director at Excelpoint added: “What makes us stand out is that we offer a software system that can manage all business processes which include CRM and sales management, inventory control, manufacturing process, risk management, planning and resourcing, distribution and customer service, amongst others. Our software can be configured to meet the needs of any business.  Our philosophy is to make our software work for our customers, not expect our customers to change the way they work to match the software.”


For more information about Excelpoint, please visit www.excelpoint.co.uk or call 01325 328839.

For more information about the Xcel Centre, please visit www.xcelcentre.com or call 0845 4505871.

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