Meet our Members


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Redworth Hall Hotel

Contact Name: Teresa Nicholas
Tel No: 01388 770643 Website: https://www.redworthhalldurham.co.uk/

Resilient Business Systems Limited

Contact Name: Andrew & Michelle Read
Tel No: 01325 401108 Website: http://www.resilientsystems.co.uk

Rob-Cam Productions

Contact Name: Rob Baines
Tel No: 07545 841200 Website: http://www.robcamproductions.com

Rockliffe Hall Hotel, Spa & Golf

Tel No: 01325 729999 Website: http://www.rockliffehall.com

SO Resources Limited

Contact Name: Sophie Swalwell
Tel No: 01642 989729 Website: https://www.soresources.co.uk/

SOHO IT Solutions

Contact Name: Jayson Gurney
Tel No: 01325 238950 Website: https://www.soho-it-solutions.co.uk

Spendwise / Utility Warehouse – Authorised Partner

Contact Name: Sharon Hutchinson
Tel No: 07940 870310

TEDCO Business Support Ltd

Contact Name: Claire Garner
Tel No: 0191 516 6102 Website: https://www.tedco.org

The Little Quaker Distillery

Contact Name: Paul Colman
Tel No: 07919 618125 Website: http://www.littlequakerdistillery.co.uk

The Majestic Theatre

Contact Name: Hayley Warters
Tel No: 01325 633296 Website: https://themajestictheatre.co.uk/

Towergate BIB

Contact Name: Nicola Stephenson
Tel No: 01325 347229 Website: https://www.towergate.com/

Trident Manor Limited

Contact Name: Andy Davis
Tel No: 01325 734849 Website: https://www.tridentmanor.com/

White Digital

Contact Name: Kathy Barrett
Website: https://white.digital

Woodland House Darlington Ltd

Contact Name: Jayson Gurney
Tel No: 01325 480058 Website: https://www.woodlandhousedarlington.co.uk

youngsRPS Ltd

Contact Name: Gabrielle Mckenna
Tel No: 07718 571699 Website: https://youngsrps.com/

Alpha Radio

Contact Name: Philip Osborne
Tel No: 01325 605044 Website: https://alpharadio.co.uk/

Bishop FM

Contact Name: Gary Burgham
Tel No: 07976 587559 Website: http://www.bishopfm.com

Butterwick Hospice

Tel No: 01642 607742 Website: https://www.butterwick.org.uk/