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Ian Sadler: Regional Director, Shopper Anonymous

Ian is the Regional Director in the area for Shopper Anonymous and his role is to help, support and work with local businesses. He joined Shopper Anonymous nearly 4 years ago now, after working for 24 years in the financial services industry where roles included managing call centre teams, key administration support teams and his most enjoyable role was managing the Customer Service Complaints Team at Aviva. As you can imagine with any large corporate business, a fair few people like to vent there frustrations and he was always busy! Day to day now, his role is about providing valuable Intelligent Insights, delivering training, and making sure businesses are taking positive steps to improve the customer experience.

Intelligent Insights

Customers are the lifeblood of every business, and as business owners we all want our customers to like us, buy more from us and keep returning to us week after week, month after month, year after year and recommend us to friends, family and colleagues. The experience you give to your customers determines how much they buy, if they return and if they recommend you. So, customer experience has a direct impact on the growth and profitability of every business on the planet. Ian will provide you with some insights from over 300,000 mystery shops, across all sectors, and give you some tips to ensure you and your team consistently deliver exceptional service and look at how this can impact on your sales and profits.
Ian Sadler Shopper Anonymous | Darlington Business Club Guest Speaker
Theresa Carling | Darlington Business Club Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker Details

  • Speaker: Ian Sadler
  • Business: Shopper Anonymous
  • Date of Presentation: 7 March  2018

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