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Google AdWords Could Work For You!

Google AdWords Could Work For You | Mabo Media, Darlington Business Club Member

Right let’s be honest here most businesses now have a company website to try and gain more business online, but just having a website isn’t going to magically bring potential customers to you (we all wish that was the case!). Just as you may be used to (or still do) advertise the traditional ways such as Newspaper ads, TV ads, Radio ads to make sure you are gaining brand recognition and to reach potential customers you need to advertise your website too otherwise you have a site that no one knows is there!

So why should I use Google AdWords for my business?

Google AdWords (also known as PPC or Paid Search) is Google’s online advertising platform which allows you to create online ads to reach audiences that are interested in the products and services that you offer.

Most people, when they want to find a product or service online will automatically go to Google and type in the search term or keyword they are looking for in order to be directed to the most relevant website for their needs. Google handles at least 2+ trillion searches per year so why not use the biggest search engine to get your business in front of the right customer at the right time in the buying cycle?

The biggest difference between people you are reaching on Google AdWords and people you are reaching with other forms of advertising is intent. Think about yourself as a consumer, you go onto Google with the intent of finding something, whether it is a product or a service, you have a need for something. Other areas of the internet such as social media aren’t necessarily the best platform to advertise on as they are more for social interaction and lack that intent, when was the last time you needed to buy something and thought “oh, I’ll go on social media for that”?

Another added bonus of using Google AdWords is that you can control your advertising budget, you can set a maximum budget and be sound in the knowledge that you are not going to go over that maximum you are willing to invest. AdWords is also fully trackable, you can see how many times your ad is being shown and from that how many people are clicking your ad, following the journey right through to how many sales/leads you are gaining for your spend. There are many other things within your AdWords account you can track right down to which areas of the country converts best and worst, even if more women buy your products than men!

This may all seem complicated and time consuming for you which is why a lot of companies come to an agency like ourselves to look after this for them and ensure they are gaining the best possible return on their spend. There are a lot of agencies out there so you need to choose your agency wisely, I would always recommend using a Google Premier Partner as this means they have been fully accredited by Google, passed Google exams and have more dedicated support links with Google. Premier Partners also have access to more facts, figures and market trends with Google which means you can plan a better overall online marketing strategy.

Here at Mabo Media we are fully accredited with Google, we have also recently won the Best Small PPC Agency in Europe at the European Search Awards and The Best Sales Team award at the Biddable Media Awards. We soley specialise in paid search and we also offer free, no obligation help and support for companies who have existing AdWords accounts to ensure they are gaining the best return on Ad spend possible.

I hope for you guys reading this I have provided some helpful information and if you have any questions or require help then I am always happy to have a chat with you via phone or email.

Kelly Miller, Business Development Executive, Mabo Media
t: 01287 244090
e: kelly [AT] mabo.co.uk


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