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Charlotte Nichols : Harvey & Hugo

Charlotte is owner of digital PR business, Harvey & Hugo Ltd. With a passion for digital storytelling, Charlotte set-up aged 25 after noticing that the world of PR was changing with the introduction of social media and online content. Her new approach to the traditional world of PR won several awards for including Entrepreneur of the Year and Business owner of the year in 2010.

Charlotte has spoken at many business events throughout the UK and in 2016 followed in the footsteps of Theresa May to be the speaker at the National Council for Women’s AGM dinner.

Creating content in today’s attention economy

The online world is overloaded with information. The internet is a battleground for eyeballs and attention has never been in such high demand.

This presentation will help you understand the importance of developing creative blog content to help drive traffic back to your website and keep your customers engaged and loyal to your brand.

Charlotte Nichols | Darlington Business Club Guest Speaker
Charlotte Nichols | Darlington Business Club Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker Details

  • Speaker: Charlotte Nichols
  • Business: Harvey & Hugo
  • Date of Presentation: 7 February 2018
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