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Emily, she graduated from the Career Ready programme in 2017 and was successful in gaining an apprenticeship with PD Ports | Darlington Business Club

Can you spare an hour a month to be a mentor to a sixth form student from Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College?

“My eyes were opened to opportunities on my doorstep”

This is Emily, she graduated from the Career Ready programme in 2017 and was successful in gaining an apprenticeship with PD Ports and she shares below as to how the programme helped her;

“Without the Career Ready programme I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to practice the skills that I needed to enter the workplace confidently and professionally.

The programme prepared me for interviews, taught me how to manage and develop my own skills, and gave me an insight into the industries and their apprenticeships that I could work in. I still refer back to things that I learned during the programme now, especially advice that I was given by my mentor, it was really beneficial to me to have direct access to someone and get their advice and experience.”

Career Ready are a charity and since 2002 we have been working with schools and colleges and connected 150,000 young people with employers and volunteers from the world of work. Our mission is to boost social mobility by empowering young people and giving their talents a platform to flourish.

We are currently recruiting for volunteers from local businesses that would like to mentor a sixth form student from Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College.

Becoming a Career Ready mentor is a fun, flexible way to inspire a young person, unlock their true potential, and guide them through the early stages of their career journey.

Our mentoring programme is a series of monthly meetings, each one building on the last, between a young person and a volunteer from the world of work. Each meeting lasts an hour and focuses on a different aspect of the student’s career and education journey, as outlined in our mentoring handbook. Due to the current situation, mentor meetings for the foreseeable future will be conducted virtually via Teams, Zoom etc.

Together, you’ll speak about their different career options & pathways, helping them to understand more about the world of work and the skills they’ll need to kickstart a rewarding future. We have a range of support and guidance documents, and briefing sessions, to make your volunteering experience straightforward.

The difference you’ll make

By sharing your professional and life experience you’ll help them:

  • Identify their personal strengths and skills for development
  • Present themselves in a professional manner
  • Explore different career paths and how to navigate towards them
  • Gain real experience of the world of work e.g. by visiting you at your office

Becoming a Career Ready mentor is also a great way of growing your professional skill set, developing your leadership, guidance, and relationship building skills. It may also count towards your organisation’s CPD scheme.

You can find out more and register your interest at https://careerready.org.uk/resources/mentoring/

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