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A poem from the team at Rockliffe Hall | Darlington Business Club

A poem from the team at Rockliffe Hall

As with all of our colleagues in the hospitality industry On Thursday 20th  March Rockliffe Hall saw our home workers leaving the office with a box full of their personal belongings, computer screens and office chairs ready to set up their new offices from home, there was an eery feeling around the hotel as by this point many as guests had cancelled reservations, then we had the news that we had to officially shut our doors however, through the last 14 weeks we’ve had an essential team working with zoom being out new meeting room.

Here’s a little poem the essential workers have put together about our journey….

It has been a long journey, at this point by week fourteen,

We will show you a sneak preview of behind the scenes…

Our decorator has been busy painting

Restoring the Resort which needed maintaining. 

The glorious weather has helped our gardens so green,

Phil our Head Gardner has made them all pristine.

Remaining busy throughout lockdown at the front desk

The team have been busy taking calls, making bookings with no rest.

The front of house team has been amazing holding down the Rockliffe fort,

They did us proud each week joining in with the clap for NHS support!

Our HR team have been busy keeping the team up to date,

Looking after their wellbeing and ensuring the work place is safe.

Golf was first to reopen, to let out that cheer.

Readying the horsebox to present the first beer!

For the essential workers who keep Rockliffe clean.

It is all hands-on deck now for our Housekeeping Team.

Our Marketing Team have been busy away.

Putting together videos, social media messages and content every day!

For all our 2020 couples who sadly had to rearrange

The team in events have been on hand to get the date changed.

In Spa the pool water is getting refilled

To make way for those days, back to being relaxed and chilled

Communication has changed, now it is through Zoom

Where the team have met daily – we have found our new meeting room.

And above all what our Rockliffe Key Workers have been planning,

Is the future! To keep Rockliffe standing.

When the world stayed apart, we kept strong

Awaiting the day to welcome guests back we kept calm and carried on!

We cannot wait to the 4th July, when the doors can re-open

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